Designer Handbags – Why Burberry Handbags Are So Hot

From an apprentice, 21 year old Thomas Burberry raised an empire of fashion and style on his name. Established in 1856 Burberry house holds patents and trademarks that had defined the fashion industry. From Audrey Hepburn on silver screen to Claudia Pshiffer on the ramps from Peter Sellers to Naomi Campbell all have adorned the famous Burberry checks or the Burberry Equestrian Knight – a brand that had defined British fashion and made it chic!

Although Burberry lines started as outerwear, great patented raincoats and military wear over the years the famous checks dominated the skirts, the perfume boxes and presently the handbags. Robert Menchetti, the Italian designer who took over Burberry in 1999 made great progress in Burberry’s stake at the handbag market. Burberry defined the fashion of British elite from Victoria Beckham to the royalty – Prince William, from David Beckham to Kate Winslet – red carpet or not, Burberry fashion came up and about in the social circle.

o The most popular Burberry bags include the famous brown checks. The ultra-chic handbag that comes in blue is one of the most notable styles. Very common among the fashion conscious ladies the bag sports a very attractive leather trim. Similar leather strips in tan border the shoulder straps as well. The zips run full length and opens up to reveal the interior again lined with the famous stripes. An authentic ultra-chic bag will cost you approximately USD 400.

o Next in line is the famous ‘Burberry Candy Check Cadogan’. In a non-traditional baby pink, this bag was a craze among the young crowd. Approximately eight by eight inch width and length gives the bag enough space to hold your essentials and can be easily carried for work. The shoulder straps and the borders have the traditional leather trims that work excellently with the color. Priced at approximately USD 450, Burberry Cadogans are a must buy if you enjoy fashion in your own color!

o Utilizing the beauty of cotton perfectly Burberry has come up with a handbag to ‘kill’ for’! Step aside for Burberry’s famous Novacheck Tote. Uniquely designed with a lovely cotton canvas, this is Burberry’s statement to those who thought fashion handbags without leather are unheard of. It has the traditional leather strips to accentuate the style and look of the totes. Sized at ten by 14 inches, these roomy handbags match style and usability perfectly to yield a product that is extremely popular among the young. Priced at USD 600, this tote with double pockets will cost you approximately USD 900.

Although Burberry has come a long way from making overcoats to dominating the ramp, the ones who are loyal to Burberry swear by its durability and longevity something that made Burberry raincoats famous at the first place. Often tradition makes a thing special. Burberry holds tradition. Its legendary checks dominate the fashion world. Nope no variations on those checks – they look just the same as they did decades ago and they still command the same elegance and style.

Burberry Bags – What’s So Great About Them?

It’s time to get some British chic into your bag collection – I know, I know, they are not exactly known for their fashion sense, are they? Well, there is some if you look hard enough. In fact, with Burberry, you don’t have to look so hard.

The Burberry designer label is one of the best known in the world, and for a great variety of accessories all the way from trench coats to perfumes and bags. Started in 1856 by young lad Thomas Burberry, it has evolved into that famous check that is instantly recognizable today.

A Burberry bag is obviously a treasure, and for many reasons other than the fact they you’ll have a great designer label on you when you step out. So what makes the bags so special?

1. The quality – The bags are made of a material called Gabardine, which is waterproof, tear proof and can breathe. This sets it apart from leather bags which lose breathability and may not also be waterproof. Gabardine is also highly durable, and a Burberry bag is going to be with you for years.

2. The inner lining of Burberry bags is simply special. You know what I’m talking about; when you buy a bag that looks great on the outside but that you really do not want to open in public because of that ugly inner lining. Burberry bags come with a matching checked lining of great quality that won’t rip and tear.

3. The clasps, zips and other finishings on Burberry bags are simply beautiful. They are stylish and long lasting and are recognizable in a glance because of the subtle branding.

4. Burberry bags are simply classy – pure, unadulterated chic. They are subtle, but scream fashion sense at the same time. And not just “today” fashion; Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon of all time, is said to have owned a collection.

5. They come in many different styles. Some people actually only know the hallmark brown check, but Burberry spread its wings and now, we get a huge variety of Burberry bags. The designs vary in color, print and type of check. Go online and see for yourself – there’s even a Burberry Chester that’s printed with Burberry love hearts!

6. The bags are made to suit all kinds of women. Burberry bags are made of tough stuff and tend to “sit” when you put them down, but there is a great variety of cuts and styles to suit women of different body shapes. Whether you’re tall, short, full figured or slim, there’ll be a Burberry bag for you.

7. Burberry offers designer bags at a great range of prices – which means you can definitely get a deal that will suit your “hand bag” so to speak. An original Burberry will cost about $1000 dollars, and they go upwards to many thousand of dollars if you’re really out to spoil yourself.

Enough said. Time to go online and get yourself a Burberry bag if you haven’t already. Just a note, Burberry is one of the most “faked” bags so make sure you get yourself an original, otherwise you will end up with something that has a Burberry print on it, but is not an original Burberry bag. To get yourself an original right now, Check out our site!

The Matchless Patterns Of Original Burberry Handbags

The world famous British luxury fashion house – Burberry, have managed to build special place in the hearts of their fashion following fans. This fashion house excels in the field of design, pattern and quality which is clearly visible in their clothing, fragrances and fashion accessories. The distinctive design of the tartan pattern has become a trademark of the Burberry products and is worth a lot of money. This tartan pattern is also available on the Burberry handbags and is immensely popular and widely demanded among masses of fashionistas spread all over the world. This has lead to a visible growth in the Burberry branded stores and franchises in several countries from all across the globe. The Burberry designs for purses, clutches and shoulder bags have been in demand for more than a century or so, ever since its establishment. The brand was originally started back in a small village of England where a fabrics genius called Mr. Thomas Burberry gave implementation to his creativity. Not only had he come up with the matchless check pattern but he also invented a fabric which was water proof. This fabric was given the name of ‘gabardine’ and was initially used by the military. Later, this fabric became much popular among the actors of Hollywood. The Burberry Handbags are now designed in Italy.

Burberry is still among the top favorite brands of the world due to its ability of living up to its brand image. The classic design and superior quality has made the brand image of Burberry a very strong element among its customers. No wonder that the demand for the famous Burberry handbags is still seen in masses of women with refined taste in fashion and high fashion that ask for fine quality, elegance, classiness and grace in their fashion accessories. Moreover, when women shop for the Burberry purses and bags they not only look for fashionable styles but also expect durability and material quality. There are several styles of bags available that caters to different needs of different customers. You will see a large variety of the shoulder bags that are a classic interpretation of what Burberry actually is. In addition to this the texture speaks volumes in terms of representing your superior taste of fashion.

There are many different sizes of these shoulder bags. Usually, the size depends on the shape of the shoulder bag. There are larger bags as well as smaller sized bags. Each bag whether big or small, simple or stylized will offer the woman shopping, the Burberry quality and originality. The shoulder bags in the Burberry Handbags categories are widely demanded because these give a lady the casual, fashionable and practical look, convenience of carrying her stuff and the durability of hanging on to this special piece for longer. However, when you shop for Burberry handbags make sure you are buying from an authentic source. Burberry’s fine material, classic straight horizontal and vertical line pattern, tag of “Burberry London” and “Made In Italy” and having Burberry written on both sides represent original Burberry designs.